Online Access

Please make ensure that all your contact details are up to date, so this can help us to keep in contact you. For example appointment reminder or clinic invitations.

MJOG Messenger 

Within our Practice we see send out text messages to patients to remind them of their appointments. If they are unable to attend they can reply CANCEL this cancels the appointment therefore avoiding a DNA appointment and cost to the NHS.  This also saves the Practice and the patients time as patients don’t have to ring. We also send out text messages to gather information such as smoking status, and to invite patients to attend clinics e.g. flu vaccination.

From the end of June if you have a smartphone you can now download an app called MJOG messenger. This will notify you that you have an appointment, you can also cancel in the same way as text messages but there is no charge for you to do this. Eventually we will be sending out other communications such as questionnaires etc, if we need this to update your records, this will save time as it will automatically save into your records .

Please visit to find out how to download the app.

Patient access

Please be aware you can now book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view limited parts of your medical records via the internet or smart phone app. You will need to complete a registration form in order to access this service. Please print of one of the following forms and bring into reception.

KMP Patient Online Access Request Form (16 Years of age and under)

KMP Patient Online Access Request Form (over 16 years)

Please be aware you need to bring two proofs of identity for each patient.

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