Our Services

We offer the whole range of medical and health promotion services to our registered patients. Patients will be offered examination, treatment and medication as well as advice on the further management of their condition. If patients require further investigations outside the scope of the practice, then they are referred on to specialists within secondary care.


Antenatal Clinic
Held by: Our Midwife, Natasha
Time:Wednesday Afternoon for first appointments and then Wednesday Morning for follow up.

Natasha will see pregnant ladies in the surgery as well as at home.  We offer a full antenatal service.

Asthma Clinic
Held by: Asthma Nurses
Time: By appointment daily

Child Health
Our doctors and our health visitors run clinics on Tuesdays between 9:30am-12noon where your children may have their routine assessments and immunisations.

Childhood Immunisations

2 months (8 weeks) 5 in 1: DTaP/IPV/Hib vaccine (Diptheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, Polio, Haemophilus Influenza Type B
(Hib, bacterial infection that can cause severe pneumonia or meningitis in young children)1
Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine1
Rotavirus vaccine1
3 months (12 weeks) 5 in 1: DTaP/IPV/Hib vaccine2
Meningitis C1
Rotavirus vaccine2
4 months (16 weeks) 5 in 1: DTaP/IPV/Hib vaccine3
Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine2
Between 12 and 13 months Hib/Men C Booster (given as a single jab containing Meningitis C2 and Hib4)
Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine (single vaccination)
Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine3
3 years and 4 months, or soon after Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine2
4 in 1 (DTaP/IPV) Pre-School Booster (single vaccination)
15 years Diptheria, tetanus and polio

** 1 = First Dose, 2 = Second Dose, 3 = Third Dose, 4 = Fourth Dose

Your baby or child will be offered these immunisations at the ages shown.  You will receive an appointment through the post, but if not please telephone the surgery.

Held by: Community Podiatrists
Time: By appointment

Podiatry (chiropody) is provided in house.  You can be referred by the GP is you have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes.

COAST Screening (Chlamydia)
Held by: Practice Nurses and GPs
Time: Daily

We offer a confidential Chlamydia screening and treatment service.  Drop in  to the surgery and pick up a home self test kit.  It really is very simple.

Held by: Practice Nurses, Jill Ridley and Helen Willetts
Time: By appointment

Our patients who suffer with chronic bronchitis and emphysema can be reviewed by our experienced Practice Nurse who will carry out a full assessment.  This will include spirometry (blowing test), medication review and inhaler technique.

Held by: Counsellors
Time: By appointment

The GPs can refer you to one of our five in-house counsellors who are skilled in dealing with a range of problem areas.  They are fully professional and offer a completely confidential service. Our counsellors will help with general problems and worries as well as bereavement counselling.

Diabetes Clinic
Held by: Practice Nurses,Liz Hale and Maxine Simms
Time: By appointment

We have a large number of diabetic patients and offer a range of appointment times to suit lifestyle and work commitments.

Family Planning Clinic
Held by:  Practice Nurses
Time: By appointment daily

We offer a range of family planning services with helpful advice.

Mental Health
Held by: Angie Francis
Time: By appointment following referral from GP

We prefer to see any patients with Mental Health problems in house.  If you feel you need this service please make an appointment to see one of the GPs who will refer you.

Minor Surgery
Held by: Dr Evans and Dr Field
Time: By appointment

We offer this service on a daily basis by appointment only.  We can do joint injections and removal of moles and cysts.  We also offer varicose vein injections and injections into heamorrhoids.

Mother and Baby Clinic
Held by: Health Visitors with GP if required
every Tuesday and 9:30am-11:50am

This is a drop-in clinic where any concerns you have regarding your children can be discussed with the Health Visitor. They are also happy to offer advice regarding breast feeding and other aspects of maternal care.  At the same time the doctor runs a child health and development clinic. This is by appointment.

Named Accountable GP

Every patient registered at the surgery will be allocated a named GP. The purpose of this is that the GP will be responsible for your ‘overall care at the practice’. If you wish to know who this is, and if you have a preference as to which GP that is, then the practice will make reasonable efforts to accommodate this request.


There is a phlebotomist from Russells Hall Hospital here every Friday morning between 9:30am-12:20pm**this clinic is by appointment only and fasting blood tests will be carried out**

Travel Health
Held by: Practice Nurses
Time: Daily by appointment

We offer a comprehensive travel health and vaccination service.  This is available daily by appointment with one of the practice nurses. We offer a full range of vaccinations and travel advice for patients travelling or holidaying abroad.  For all advice and information regarding foreign travel please make an appointment with the practice nurse 4-6 weeks before departure so that immunisation can be completed. Please note that not all travel vaccinations are free of charge.

Young Person’s Clinic
Held by: GPs and Practice Nurses
Time: By appointment daily

We are a recognised teenage friendly practice offering a totally confidential service to our young patients.  We will cover all topics whether you have a medical problem to discuss or just need some advice.  Parents will not be told of your visit to the surgery.

Other Services

Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Chiropody. These are in house services available by arrangement with your doctor.

Occupational Therapy

Assessments of the disabled can be arranged after consultation with your doctor.

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